Whole Carrots “Create Anti-Cancer Boost”

Carrots have long been known for their health benefits as part of a healthy diet for those of us with PCOS, especially the huge antioxidant carotenoid content which is converted into vitamin A.
But scientists now believe cooking carrots whole before cutting them to eat actually boosts retention of their anti-cancer compound called falcarinol by as much as 25%. They also claim whole cooked carrots taste better.
Cut carrots have a higher surface area in contact with the water, resulting in greater loss of nutrients compared with boiling them whole. The heat softens the cell walls in cut carrots, allowing vitamins and falcarinol to leach out into the water. Whole carrots keep the nutrients inside, though you may have to buy a bigger saucepan to enjoy the benefits!
Naturally occurring sugars responsible for giving the carrot its distinctive flavor are also found in higher concentrations in carrots that had been cooked whole, with the result that the vegetable tastes better.
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