What Are Hormone Deal-Breakers and How Do They Affect Your PCOS?

What Are Hormone Deal-Breakers and How Do They Affect Your PCOS?

By Robin Nielsen

So much that we know about PCOS is wrong. I call it “The PCOS Myth™”. Let me explain.

We’re told that it’s the cysts on our ovaries that are the problem, when many women with PCOS don’t have ovarian cysts. We’re told that our symptoms are a result of insulin resistance when some women with symptoms of PCOS don’t have insulin resistance. We’re told that it’s our high blood sugar or missing cycle that’s the problem. Or if we just lost weight everything would be fixed.

Wrong, wrong, and wrong. These are all symptoms of PCOS not the cause. For the cause we have to dig deeper, much deeper.

It’s not your fault, you’re just lacking valuable information.  That’s why I want you to be a Root Cause Detective!

Each and every woman has different symptoms of PCOS so it makes perfect sense that the cause for each and every woman is different. And just losing weight, or just joining a gym, or just taking a pill will not give you the lasting results you want or desire for healing from symptoms of hormone imbalance. Often your symptoms can be quite devastating.

You have all the power to take control of your PCOS. 

The key to healing is being a bit investigative about you to understand what is stressing your body out. You want to ask yourself, “What is keeping my hormones in fight or flight mode instead of rest and digest mode?”

To help you begin the investigative process here is a list of some of the Hormone Deal-breakers™.

  • Nutrient deficiencies – your body is lacking vital nutrients for its daily needs (this includes anemias)
  • The wrong diet (food) for you
  • The wrong exercise or type of movement for you
  • Inadequate rest and sleep for you
  • Toxins from many different places both internal and external including toxic relationships
  • Low thyroid function
  • Low adrenal function
  • Lack of support
  • Sluggish or fatty liver
  • Food intolerances or sensitivities
  • Bacterial or fungal infections
  • Poor microbiome (gut bacteria) balance
  • You’re just too busy
  • Negative thoughts

And more. Anything that stresses your body emotionally or physically will throw you into hormone imbalance, and pretty quickly. Your stress hormone cortisol rises and stays high, and the blood sugar hormone insulin also rises and can stay high causing your cells to become resistant to insulin. When cortisol and insulin are chronically elevated your body remains in the fight or flight state for too long causing many other hormone imbalances and the symptoms that you’re experiencing.

For example, just one night of poor sleep can make you more insulin resistant the next day. The worst part is that your cravings go through the roof because you’re tired, and then when you eat sugar you store it immediately as fat making your cravings even worse.

Natural Therapies

Resolving your Hormone Deal-breakers™ is the first place to start. It may seem complicated though. That’s why I developed the PCOS 5-Element System. I show you step-by-step what to do to help your body heal and overcome the root or underlying causes. Oftentimes you have many more than one. You’ll get the nutrients your body needs to heal and when you give it the right support your body will magically return to its natural rhythms.

Click here to learn more about The PCOS 5-Element System and let us know if you have any questions. We’re here for you every step of the way.



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