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Hormone Testing Strategies For Symptoms of Menstrual Irregularity, Excess Weight, Acne, Facial Hair, & More

with Dr. Carrie Jones, Interviewed by Robin Nielsen

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Dr. Carrie Jones
Medical Director,
Precision Analytical,

Robin Nielsen, ND
Chief Wellness Officer,
Insulite Health PCOS

In this FREE Masterclass you'll learn:

  • What to look for on a hormone test for PCOS
  • The importance of adrenal testing
  • Why your progesterone may be too low and why your testosterone may be too high
  • Why every woman with PCOS has some level of insulin resistance
  • How to discover thyroid, adrenal and luteal phase imbalances from the right hormone testing
  • How stress of all kinds affects your hormones - it's not just willpower!
  • What causes women with PCOS to be at much higher risk for facial hair, acne, weight gain, hair loss, infertility, hot flashes, low energy, diabetes and heart disease
  • Why you're not sleeping well at night and how to turn it around
  • How your adrenal hormones affect your insulin, blood sugar and sex hormones
  • much more. You'll be blown away by the power of knowledge!

Take charge of your hormone testing. Learn how you can do your own hormone testing at home and get more meaningful results than blood hormone testing. Get the valuable information you can use to take action and improve your health!

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