We All Walk Together

by Angi Ingalls
PCOS in ConnecTion

You may know someone that was diagnosed PCOS when they were trying to have a baby. Many others are on birth control pills. And even more have menstrual problems.

Because of these common situations for women with PCOS, many think that this is a reproductive problem. I am here to tell you – that is definitely not the case. PCOS is an endocrine and metabolic disease. These issues, from which many women suffer, are only side effects to the underlying cause – which is directly correlated to our hormonal system.

We need to get the message out there that any female can have PCOS. PCOS does not discriminate. The disease affects all walks of life regardless of race or religion, young or old, whether you are lesbian or straight, and the list goes on. It doesn’t matter who you are, how old, where you came from or how you were raised. Any female can suffer from PCOS.

Many women are unaware of the risk factors associated with PCOS that go beyond reproductive. When we don’t take care of ourselves – with diet, exercise and for some, medications and/or nutraceuticals – we put ourselves at greater risk of:

Heart Disease Heart Attacks Strokes
Cancer Hypertension High Cholesterol
Sleep Apnea Kidney and Liver problems Vision and Hearing Issues
Circulation Problems Worse/more Symptoms Diabetes

PCOS also affects all aspects of life. Many of us have issues caused by hormones. Patients dealing with insulin resistant conditions have increased incidences of lesbianism or bisexuality, attention dysfunction, increased anxiety or stress, eating disorders, depression, bipolari disorder, dementia and other mental disorders.

The most important necessity of having PCOS is getting the disease under control as much as possible. The rest should fall into place or at the very least, improve and prevent further damage.

Angi Ingalls; PCOS in ConnecTion
PCOS Consultant for Insulite Laboratories
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