Water Retention & PCOS

Water Retention & PCOS

Water retention is a big deal with PCOS and hormone imbalance. It can make us feel fat, bloated, thick and unhealthy. Maybe you’ve gained 5 pounds in one day, your waist is much less defined, your rings no longer fit, and your shoes feel tighter. If you’re struggling with fluid retention you should know you’re not alone.

Hi, I’m Robin Nielsen, the Chief Wellness Officer here at Insulite Health. I’m so glad you’re here.

We’ve found that water retention, also known as edema or fluid retention is a very hot topic for women with PCOS and hormone imbalance, so we want you to understand what is happening and show you how you have all the power to reduce fluid retention in your body. And it can happen at any age.

I can tell when I’m retaining water. Rings that were loose I can’t even put on my fingers. My face looks a little puffier and my shoes are tight. That’s because the extremities are the first to retain fluids due to less circulation in those areas…. When I was younger this happened for me all the time, and it’s a main reason I gained weight so easily. But as I learned why this happens and how to avoid it, I rarely retain water any more.

You might have “cankels” – swollen ankles – where it’s hard to see the bones in your ankles. My mother and great grandmother had this symptom – and it’s so important to address because it’s a serious indication that something’s not right.

Some other symptoms of fluid retention are: aching in the affected areas, feeling stiff in the joints, rapid weight gain over days or weeks, unexplained weight fluctuations, when you press the skin it may hold an indent for a few seconds.

Fluid retention, bloating, and water retention are three terms for the same condition – excess fluids accumulating in your body’s cavities. Women with PCOS often report this troubling symptom and as we age it can become more and more of a problem. Imbalanced hormones, especially estrogen, might be affecting your body’s normalizing mechanisms, or it could be a side effect of birth control pills, which is one of the more common PCOS drugs.

There can be many causes of fluid retention: insulin resistance, hot weather, standing for long periods of time, hormone fluctuations – particularly estrogen, the birth control pill, nutrient deficiencies, elevate cortisol (stress), chronic venous insufficiency where the weakened valves in the veins of the legs fail to efficiently return blood to the heart and certain medications.

Insulin tells your kidneys to hang on to sodium and water which in turn causes fluid retention. So it’s critical to implement the PCOS 5-Element System to reduce fluid retention:

  1. the right nutrients, it’s been found that many nutrients like magnesium, chromium, vanadium, carnitine, the B vitamins and more help to improve insulin sensitivity, reduce stress and support blood vessels better,
  2. the right food – a diet high in refined, processed carbohydrates causes an spike in water retention, but a well-balanced whole food diet reduces insulin and it’s aging effects,
  3. movement – using the right types of movement to improve insulin sensitivity and to balance hormones,
  4. understand cravings so you’re not tempted to indulge in foods and toxic behaviors that don’t support you,
  5. get some support! We need each other to heal and be well.

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