Water Can Be a Way to Lose Weight Part 4

As we’ve been reporting, PCOS women over 35 who drink water before meals can lose weight because the water fills up the stomach and, in effect, make them feel full on less. Age makes a difference because water is retained in the stomach longer after 35.
One culprit in the current obesity epidemic is that Americans consume some 300 calories more a day in sugary beverages than they did 30 years ago. That includes sodas, fruit juices with added sugar, sports drinks and sweetened tea.
Research has shown that people who drink lots of water drink fewer sugary beverages, eat more fruits and vegetables and overall consume fewer calories throughout the day.
Giving up sugary drinks in favor of drinking more water is difficult for some people because even seemingly small changes of behavior require commitment, time and energy.
But it’s worth a try because drinking water helps the body function properly as well as boosting weight control.

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