Tweak Your Diet to Transform Your Weight and PCOS Health Part 1

Losing weight to feel better doesn’t have to be agony. It takes only very slight changes to your eating habits to achieve weight gain and improved PCOS health.
Here are two simple examples of what we mean. If you can’t give up sugar, at least try to reduce the amount in your tea or coffee from two teaspoons to one. As a result, you could save yourself up to 30 gms of sugar a day (if you drink six cups daily), which would amount to nearly 11 kg of sugar a year.
At 15 calories per teaspoon, that’s a cut of 32,000 calories a year. You’d have to run 12 marathons (at 100 calories used per mile) to burn the equivalent of that amount.

Having tackled your sugar intake, try to cut back on the number of times you shake the salt cellar or grind your salt mill. One shake delivers around 1?2 gm of salt every time. So if you shake once less at every evening meal, you’ll save 3 1?2 gm a week. Most of us consume an unhealthy 9 gms of salt a day.

A healthy adult intake is 6 gm, so even the smallest reduction has an impact on your health. Research shows that dropping your salt intake by as much as 3 gm a day, which is so easy to do, would be enough to trigger a measurable fall in excess weight-linked blood pressure, reducing your risk of stroke by 13% and heart disease by 10%.
More tweak tips tomorrow.

Next Steps

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