Tweak Your Diet and Transform Your Weight and PCOS Health Part 3

As we’ve been saying this week, only very slight changes to your eating habits can result in weight loss and long-term health. Here are two more simple examples of what we mean.

Firstly, peeling the skin off your chicken drumstick before you eat it will immediately cut out 4g of fat without any sense of deprivation. Alternatively, reach for a packet of lean bacon at the supermarket instead of streaky bacon (even worse – with the rind on) and you’ll be taking on board 10g less fat with every two rashers you eat.

Reducing your saturated fat intake like this not only helps you manage your weight. It can also lower your cholesterol and reduce your risk of PCOS-linked heart disease because saturated fats clog the arteries.

Secondly, make the switch from high sugar fizzy drinks (regular cola contains eight teaspoons of sugar in every can) to water and you’ll be reducing your sugar intake by 40g of sugar every time. Because liquid sugar in these drinks is delivered so quickly into your system, sugary drinks can increase your risk of developing insulin resistance, which often underlies PCOS and prevents the body from being able to effectively metabolize sugar. This, in turn, increases your chance of developing diabetes and the cluster of increased risks for heart disease called metabolic syndrome.

Studies show that cutting out one fizzy drink a day could reduce your risk of metabolic syndrome by as much as 45%.

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