Your Thyroid and PCOS

Think of your thyroid gland as a car engine that sets the pace at which your body operates – your metabolism.

An engine produces the required amount of energy for a car to move at a certain speed. In the same way, your thyroid gland manufactures enough thyroid hormone to prompt cells to perform a function at a certain rate.

One in three women are thought to have a sluggish thyroid and 80-90% of those suffer from Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune thyroid condition.

Is it PCOS or is it poor thyroid function?

Symptoms of PCOS are almost exactly the same as symptoms of hypothyroidism, so how do you figure out what’s going on? In this video you’ll learn the signs of low thyroid symptoms, what might be causing your low thyroid symptoms, and how to support your thyroid to fix your metabolism.

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Take these simple steps to take control of your PCOS