The Right Approach to Calories and Weight Loss

Calories may be a favored weapon in the arsenal of weight loss measurements but all calorie figures for everything are estimates. There are all kinds of variables, so it’s best to use calories as a guide when seeking to control weight for better PCOS management while not becoming fixated on them.

The number of calories burned in a workout, for example, are never going to be exact. There are differences in an individual’s intensity of effort, as well as weight and body mass. These factors may affect a calorie burn that can only be measured accurately under scientific conditions.

The same calorie inexactitude is true with food. There are a variety of factors such as ingredients, ripeness, portion size and preparation that can affect calorie count.

A hundred calories is a standard estimate for the energy required to move a body a mile by walking or running. A heavier body requires more energy (hence, a greater calorie burn) to move. Yet any sized body can move by exerting greater effort to also burn more calories (by speeding up, walking up a hill that requires more effort, etc.)

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