I’m in Shock and Disbelief

I'm in Shock and Disbelief

Dear Robin: “I’m 24 and was diagnosed last week with PCOS. I am currently in shock and disbelief. I’m obsessing over it and the stress is really getting to me. My question is what my options are. I’m not ready to conceive yet but I don’t want birth control either. Could you point me in the right direction?” ~ Stephanie

Dear Stephanie: Firstly, I am curious to know how you were diagnosed. What symptoms and tests were used to determine this diagnosis? It sounds like you may be experiencing some menstrual irregularities, or acne, or both if hormonal birth control was offered as a solution.

You are wise to seek out a more natural approach. Keep in mind, PCOS shows up in a different way for every woman and it’s not a disease but rather a group of symptoms resulting from excess androgens, insulin resistance (most-likely), and always underlying inflammation.

There’s no need to worry because you can heal all of the symptoms of PCOS just by the way you take care of yourself.

The first place to start is by taking a look at what I call the “hormone deal-breakers”. What is causing the excess stress in your life both internally and externally? You can read more here on the Menstrual Cycle and PCOS post to begin to identify what may be the root cause (your hormone deal-breakers) of your symptoms.

Send us an email (simply reply to this email) if you have more questions Stephanie. You’ve got this! ~ Robin

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