Reversing a Classic PCOS Symptom May Stave off Alzheimer’s

The cognitive decline known as Alzheimer’s Disease tends to be regarded as an inherited brain condition that is hard to avoid if there’s a family history of the condition. But new research suggests reversing metabolic syndrome, which is closely linked to PCOS, not only reduces your chance of a heart attack but also increases the likelihood of avoiding dementia.

That’s because Alzheimer’s is partly driven by a key factor in heart-damaging metabolic syndrome called inflammation, a process that we do have some control over via a healthy diet and regular exercise.
In a study of volunteers whose parents developed dementia late in life, Danish researchers found that, compared with a second group of participants whose parents didn’t have Alzheimer’s, the first set of volunteers were more likely to have high blood pressure and high levels of inflammatory proteins called cytokines – symptoms closely linked to metabolic syndrome.
While the researchers noted that 60% of an individual’s risk of Alzheimer’s appears to be driven by inherited genes, the other 40% of the risk factor may be reduced by adopting a healthier lifestyle.

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