Repromedix Launches Biological Clock Test For Women

Press Release -January 18, 2008

Repromedix Corp., the leading national diagnostic laboratory for abundance testing, announces today the launch of Plan Ahead™, a new blood test that provides an assessment of a woman’s egg give by combining multiple factors including the measurement of ovary-related hormones AMH, Inhibin B, and FSH with innovative and proprietary technology. The window of opportunity for a woman to have children by natural conception is dependent upon an adequate supply of eggs certainly declines as a woman ages and her “biological clock ticks.” Plan Ahead enables a woman to compare her estimated egg invest with the normal range expected for women of the same age.

“The Plan Ahead test represents an extraordinary advance in fertility diagnostics compared to what has been readily available to the general inhabitants,” said Dr. Benjamin Leader, Chief Medical Officer. “Many fertility experts view the gold standard of egg provide measurement to be the number of eggs obtained through egg retrieval, an expensive procedure reserved for specialty fecundity clinics involving hormone injections and a minimally invasive procedure. The Plan Ahead test offers similar information to the general public via a simple line test.”

Dr. Michael M. Alper, Harvard Medical School professor, and the medical and co-founder of Boston IVF, an internationally famous fertility treatment center, commented, “As more and more women delay pregnancy until their 30s and even their 40s, is an urgent need for an accurate in good time assessment of their fertility. Unfortunately, we see far too many women late in the transaction when time is of the essence. The fertility tract of land has been for a test like this, and we are delighted to be the first habitual doing to partner with Repromedix in providing this innovative test to women in the greater Boston area.”

Paul Kowalski, President and VP of Sales, said, “A recent survey indicates that over 80% of women between the ages of 25-44 be persuaded that the risk of fertility loss begins at age 35, while many experts believe the risk begins much earlier. We believe that the Plan Ahead test will provide an important tool for better education and lead to early diagnosis of in posse fertility-related issues.”

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