Re-Connect with your Food for Better PCOS Health in 2010

Why not adopt a new attitude to food in 2010 to help improve the management of your PCOS symptoms and avoid other serious conditions? It isn’t as hard as it sounds.

In today’s hectic, multi-tasking world, it’s easy to forget just how much you’re eating or to use food as a comfort in these economically anxious times. As a result, many people gobble high-carbohydrate food which provides quick rushes of pleasure rather than long-lasting nourishment.
That way lies weight gain and health problems linked to PCOS like heart-damaging metabolic syndrome (syndrome x) and pre-diabetes. Both these latter conditions can lead to type 2 diabetes if they are allowed to develop.
To steer clear of them, exercise regularly and eat a healthy, balanced diet to control your weight. Try slowing down at meal-times and re-connecting with healthy food. At first, choose one nutritious meal a week to eat slowly so you can really appreciate it. You could just find you’re enjoying less food so much more that you extend the habit.
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