Potato salad is good for PCOS

Happy 4th of July!

If you’re like me you love potato salad. But I thought it was too high in carbs so I stopped eating it.

Well, there’s some really good news I’m going to share with you today so you can celebrate the 4th with traditional potato salad.

Potato salad contains something called “resistant” starch. Here’s what that means…

When you cook potatoes and then cool them in the refrigerator they develop resistant starch. Resistant starch is resistant to digestion – your body can’t break it down.

Usually, your digestive enzymes in the small intestine break down starches and turn them into sugar. But when you boil or bake potatoes and then put them in the refrigerator for a few hours they form something called “resistant starch’. And this is a much healthier form of starch.

Here are some benefits of resistant starch:

  • reduces insulin resistance
  • burns fat and curbs hunger
  • improves sleep
  • protects against colon cancer
  • may boost mineral absorption
  • helps with regularity

These foods are the best for resistant starch: cooled potatoes and rice, unripe bananas, beans and legumes, sweet potatoes, yams and tubers. You can even purchase raw potato starch (like Bob’s Red Mill) and put 1 tbsp. in your shake every day to get all the benefits.

But potato salad is way more delicious! So start with some red potatoes (they’re the healthiest potato) – yes, leave the skin on – boil them, cool them and cut them up. Add some olive oil-based mayo or a little olive oil and red wine vinegar, some capers and some chopped red onion and you’re all set for the 4th of July. Just make sure that you refrigerate it for at least two hours to get the glorious benefits.

Wishing you a happy 4th of July!

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