Pick the Right Time to Get Fit for PCOS Health

Regular exercise is vital for those of us who want to better manage our PCOS symptoms via improved weight control. But people differ on the best time to exercise to boost their health.

Some prefer the evening so they can rid themselves of the stresses of the workday in the process. Others go for the very early morning to set themselves up for the challenges of the day before breakfast-time.

It really comes down to personal choice. But exercise before breakfast is actually a bad time to try and get your body moving with strenuous activity. Why? Well, after fasting all night and lying mainly in one position for hours in bed, strenuous exercise is akin to asking your body to perform like a sports car without putting any gas in the tank. It’s actually a much better idea to boost energy levels first with a healthy breakfast so there is some fuel to tap.

Exercising in the evening down at a gym or your local recreational center has the extra benefit of replacing typically sedentary night-time activities such as watching TV or surfing the Internet. It’s also a great way to meet up with friends and unwind.

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