Congratulations and Welcome to the Natural Hormone Solution For PCOS

I’m so happy to have you in our "tribe". Your PCOS Nutritional Supplements will be on their way to you soon. You now have access to:

The Special PCOS Hormone 101 Master Class Blood Work Review Session LIVE With Robin Nielsen. Watch your email for dates, times and session access details.

  • The 24/7 Private 5-Element Facebook Sisterhood Group (CLICK HERE to get access now)
  • The 5-Element Resource Center - 12 Modules with the tools, tips and strategies you need to be victorious over PCOS
  • The 5-Element Guide - your step-by-step guide to success for each month.
  • PCOS Nutritional Supplement Instructions - how and when to take your supplements.
  • Weekly Video Tip from Robin to keep you on track

...and much, MUCH more!


Connect with your new TRIBE! If you haven't already joined the PRIVATE Facebook Sisterhood Group click the button below and join us right now! This is our sanctuary where we connect, share and support each other. It's where all the magic happens!


Take these quick steps now to get the most out of the 5-Element System:

STEP 1: Engage with your 5-Element TRIBE - Join The Private Facebook Sisterhood Group

This is our gathering place where we connect, share and support each other in the "unstoppable" movement to freedom from PCOS.

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STEP 2: Check your EMAIL

In a the next hour or so, you’ll get an email from “Robin Nielsen | PCOS” and the email address [email protected] with the subject line “[PCOS 5-Element System] Welcome to the Insulite Health Tribe.”

In it you will find links to an extra special set of tools, tips and strategies for women like you who are committed to the "unstoppable" movement of Taking Control of PCOS.

If you don’t receive this email within 90 minutes, check your spam folder, especially if your email address is yahoo, aol or comcast.  If it is not there, please contact our support team here.

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We will release links to valuable tools, tips and strategies via email over the next 52 weeks. You won’t want to miss one of these health-enhancing resources.

Each one is packed with health-transforming information. You will need the links in your email to access them.

STEP 4: Go to the 5-Element System RESOURCE CENTER 

CLICK HERE to access the Resource Center and download the System Guide and Nutritional Supplement Instructions in Module 1. They are designed to help you figure out where to START so that you can begin as soon as possible.

You will also find additional tools, tips and strategies to get the most out of each of the 5 System Elements (nutraceuticals, food, movement, cravings and support) including recipes, meal plans, and exercise tips that you can use right away.

Access EVERYTHING in your email or by logging into the Resource Center using the link below:

5-Element System Resource Center
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Robin Nielsen

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