PCOS and Unwanted Facial Hair


Today I want to talk about Hirsutism (HUR-soot-iz-um) because it’s can be so awful for women. Hirsutism is a condition of unwanted, male-pattern hair growth in women.

This condition results in excessive amounts of stiff and pigmented hair on body areas where men typically grow hair — face, chest and back. Are you a woman currently struggling with hirsutism or excess facial hair growth?

What you’re about to learn could change the way you deal with this problem and how it affects your life… I’ve personally experienced the horrible symptoms of hormone imbalance and polycystic ovary syndrome.

If you’re a woman struggling with hirsutism, then you’re not alone. This condition affects 5-10% of women worldwide but it affects 80% of women with PCOS….The body produces two types of hair: velluss hair and terminal hair. Vellus hairs are those fine light-colored hairs that are difficult to see. When they become dark and coarse they’re considered terminal hairs. They’re most often caused by an excess production of androgens or male hormones in the body….

Women with PCOS who struggle with hirsutism are really dealing with the core issue of insulin resistance. When the cells in your body are resistant to the insulin being produced, glucose cannot be converted into energy. Because of this, hormonal levels may become imbalanced causing androgen, or male hormone levels to increase. This is what causes the terminal hair growth on your face and body…

There are many options to remove terminal hair temporarily such as waxing, hair removal creams and laser treatment. However, many of us want long term solutions. The good news is that when your body becomes sensitive to insulin, and androgen levels naturally decrease, vellus, or the fine light-colored hairs will no longer become terminal, or dark and coarse.

That’s why the 5-Element Solution is critical to helping you recover from hirsutism.

Chelsea Heersink wrote to us about her hirsutism:

After being on the system for 2 months, I had a period. I started losing weight. At first, I wasn’t trying, but when the weight started coming off and I stopped craving sweets and carbs, working out became a sort of drug. I dropped 50lbs in 6 months. When I went to the doctor, she was amazed at my blood pressure and how it dropped to a normal ratio. And I stopped growing sideburns and chin hair. I had more energy! I am healthy, fit, and happy.

The food you eat, the way you move your body, the nutrients you take to help with blood sugar, hormones, toxins and stress management and how you deal with your cravings can make all the difference. Studies show that food is more powerful medicine than any drug for healing from symptoms of PCOS.

If you would like more information on reducing dark facial hair growth, go to PCOS.com for more information. There you can find out how the PCOS 5 Element Solution can benefit you on your journey to healing from this devastating symptom.

We’re here to support you every step of the way!

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