Break Free From PCOS – Day 3: What You Can Do About PCOS

Hey beautiful ladies. It is so great to be here with you today. You know, I wrote that song so that we could all be reminded that we have the magic in our hearts and if we just ask for what we want, life will be amazing. That’s what we’re doing all this week. So welcome! Today is day three of Break Free from PCOS. Hey, I’m Robin Nielsen and I am so, so excited to be here with you today and I just want to acknowledge you if you’ve been here all three days so far. I want to hear what your biggest health goal is. I read all of your comments and I usually comment back and I really, really care what you have to say and what’s going on for you.

It’s so great to be here with you. I’m going to show you how you can 10x your health in a really short period of time. I’ll share with you more about the PCOS Five Element System later. It is important for you to watch the episodes, get caught up, really decide if you’re all in or if you’re still trying to figure things out before starting our system. We really want to reward those ladies who just say, look, I’m going to do this thing I going to take really good care of myself and start right now.

So today, before we go too far, I’ll share with you what we’re going to go over. Today is all about what you can do for PCOS. Day one was all about what is PCOS. Day two was all about what causes PCOS and they go together, so it’s really important to watch every single episode, and then day three is what you can do about PCOS. We’re going to learn about nutrients today and why it’s so incredibly important. We’re going to learn about food as medicine today. Movement as medicine, cravings, awareness, support sisterhood, and my bonus, which is sleep. These are the foundational things that if you just pay attention to those, your health and life can turn around so quickly.

Please watch our Day 3 video in the Break Free From PCOS free training series to learn more about how to be the best you! To watch all videos in their entirety and access the assessments click here.

Next Steps

  1. Take the PCOS Quiz!  Get your score and assess your hormone health risks.
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