Will Birth Control Get Rid of My PCOS?

Will Birth Control Get Rid of My PCOS?

Dear Robin: “I wasn’t having my monthly period – I didn’t have it for half a year! I went to a doctor & she told me it’s because I have PCOS. She prescribed me birth control pills, telling me they should eventually bring back my period. Last week my period finally came. I am still taking the birth control pills. Do you possibly know if birth control will get rid of my PCOS? I do occasionally feel a cyst pop (explode) in my stomach, which of course hurts, but does that mean my PCOS is finishing/ending? Or is that just how it is with everyone else?” ~ Lynn

Dear Lynn: Birth control will not get rid of PCOS and nor will PCOS just end. That’s the bad news.

But the good news is that you can change the way you’re taking care of yourself, and over time you may not notice any symptoms of PCOS. I call it “dimming the light” on PCOS.

Your period is anything but normal on hormonal birth control. Here are two resources that help explain what’s going on and next steps:

>> Birth control pills and PCOS (video)
>> Regulating Your Menstrual Cycle (article)

You’ll need to do the hard work Lynn, to get your menstrual cycle regulated. Learning how to take care of yourself in the best way is key.

The best part is, you’ll not only get your menstrual cycle back, but you’ll also feel so great. You can do it! ~ Robin

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