You Are About to Learn About a Natural Solution for PCOS That Could Transform Your Health Forever!

Whether you just discovered you are at risk of PCOS, or whether you’ve been diagnosed with PCOS and have struggled to find a way out...

Join The Tens of Thousands of Women Who Have Transformed Their Bodies, Their Health and Their Lives

With the Natural Hormone Solution for reversing PCOS related symptoms

If you are suffering with even one symptom of PCOS, what you are about to read will absolutely transform your body, your health and your life... if you are ready to take action.

Today may be the first you’ve heard of PCOS, or you may have been diagnosed by a doctor only to discover there is no magic pill cure, and actually very little the doctor could do.

The symptoms of PCOS, when left untreated, can be quite devastating.

  • Irregular or loss of menstrual cycles
  • Struggles with infertility or difficulty conceiving
  • Unexplained and persistent weight matter how much you diet or exercise
  • Acne
  • Facial hair
  • Moodiness, irritability, depression and anxiety
  • Low sex drive
  • Male pattern baldness

If you struggle with even one of these symptoms...if even one of these symptoms negatively affects your life - battering your body, your self image, your confidence, your energy…

We Invite You to Join Us in The SOLUTION!

You are ready to become the Queen and CEO of your health! You CAN reverse your symptoms...for good. Reversing your symptoms is actually your choice. And you can choose to start right now. You don’t have to take a bunch of medical tests or wait for a doctor to hand you a pill, because there are not conclusive tests and there is no magic pill.

All it takes to transform your life is YOU making a choice...YOU deciding you’ve lived with PCOS symptoms long enough and YOU are ready to do something about it…

Once you make that choice, we are here to show you exactly what you need to do to balance your body and heal your symptoms once and for all.

Perhaps difficulty getting pregnant causes you stress and disappointment every month.

Perhaps you are overweight, trying every diet and exercising plan that comes your way, but never getting the results. You are uncomfortable by the way your clothes fit...let alone how you look naked...and the constant dieting failures eat away at your confidence and hope.

Perhaps you suffer from acne or unwanted facial hair (or both!), spending hundreds of dollars trying to hide the acne or get rid of the hair...but you still feel shy about showing your skin.

I want you to imagine your life without your most frustrating PCOS symptom...

What Would You Do Differently? can take the next step toward the life you just imagined.

No woman wants to experience the devastating and embarrassing symptoms of this syndrome: The irregular periods, the difficulty conceiving, the painful cysts, the frustrating weight gain, the skin problems, the facial hair, the emotional turmoil of hormonal imbalance, and on and on.

At Insulite, we understand.

Each of us have suffered from PCOS symptoms...and each of us CHOSE to do something about it. We have taken back our health using the Insulite 5-Element PCOS System, and we invite you to do the same.

For 20 years, we have made it our mission to help any woman suffering from PCOS reverse their symptoms and transform their health and their life.

We have already helped tens of thousands of women with our revolutionary 5-Element system...and today is the day we help you!

Today is YOUR Day to TAKE BACK Your Health

Whether you have been diagnosed with PCOS or simply experience even one risk symptom, it is critical for you to take action right away. Today.


Because even one symptom indicates your body is out of balance.

If you ignore your body’s warnings, if you change nothing, your hormones and body chemistry can become further out of whack.

An unbalanced body will NOT be ignored. Your body wants to be healthy, so it will do all sorts of annoying things to gain your attention.

You may gain weight, grow hair in places you do not want hair, become depressed or anxious…

Your skin may break out as if you were back in puberty...

Your menstruation may become irregular or sportatic leading to fertility problems or worse…

Certainly, you have tried to “fix” your symptoms before. Here are some of the most common methods women try:

  • Birth control pills - may regulate your menstrual cycle, but definitely not a good solution for trying to get pregnant
  • The latest diet craze - perhaps you’ve had some success, only to fall off the wagon and gain the weight back
  • Diet pills and appetite suppressants - induce anxious energy, more imbalance, and can harm your body’s natural metabolism in the long term.
  • The latest fitness craze - you start strong but fall off the wagon when you don’t experience results. It’s not your fault. Many of the popular fitness programs (especially high intensity workouts) actually create more imbalance for women with PCOS.
  • Costly dermatology and skin care systems - with limited results
  • Plucking, waxing, and laser hair removal - costly and the hair grows back because it literally does not get to the root of the problem
  • Mood stabilizers - may help with mood but often comes with more weight gain and sexual side effects
  • And so many more…

The problem is: None of these actually SOLVES the underlying cause of your symptoms….so they cannot create the lasting results you are looking for.

You deserve a COMPLETE solution to relieve your PCOS symptoms once and for all...

Today, YOU have a CHOICE. You can continue to do what you’re doing, allowing your body to stay out of balance, or you can decide to step into the solution.

Introducing Insulite’s Revolutionary and Transformational Natural Hormone Solution - a COMPLETE Solution for Reversing Your PCOS Symptoms

The Insulite Health Natural Hormone Solution is a 5-element system that helps women reverse their symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and hormone imbalance.

PCOS is a complicated syndrome, with many underlying factors...which is why women often experience PCOS in different ways...different symptoms in different degrees of discomfort.

Here are just some of the underlying factors (we call them Hormone Deal-Breakers™)

  • Nutrient deficiencies – your body is lacking vital nutrients for its daily needs (this includes anemias)
  • The wrong diet (food) for you
  • The wrong exercise or type of movement/exercise
  • Poor sleep
  • Toxins from many different places both internal and external including toxic relationships
  • Low thyroid function
  • Low adrenal function
  • Lack of support
  • Sluggish or fatty liver
  • Bacterial, viral or fungal infections
  • Poor microbiome (gut bacteria) balance
  • You’re just too busy
  • Negative thoughts
  • Your body’s ability to detoxify
  • Poor fat metabolism
  • Your genetics
  • Insulin resistance (you'll need to test fasting insulin on blood work to know)
  • Inflammation
  • Drug induced metabolic dysfunction (i.e. hormonal birth control)

Really, anything that stresses your body emotionally or physically will throw you into hormone imbalance, and it can happen fast.

The stress hormone cortisol rises and the blood sugar hormone insulin also rises causing your cells to become resistant to insulin.

When cortisol and insulin are chronically elevated your body remains in the fight or flight state for too long causing many other hormone imbalances.

And these imbalances lead to your PCOS symptoms.

The Natural Hormone Solution supports you and your body to reduce and eliminate all of the Hormone Deal-Breakers, by providing you the tools you need to address the underlying causes of PCOS...insulin resistance and hormone imbalance.

  • Alyssa Marie
    Alyssa Marie - Bragging moment! For the first time in 13 YEARS I'm having a normal period! Bleeding normally, NOT having excruciating cramps, NOT breaking out terribly and my hair is NOT falling out! I am so happy I could cry! This program helped me stay sane and given me my sanity back. I am in control of my body for the first time in my entire life. Truly a blessing.
  • Sophia Theacos
    Sophia Theacos - I'm on week 6 and I've lost 9 lbs! My brain fog, anxiety, low irritable moods, forgetfulness has cleared. My head feels clear! I haven't plucked a hair on my chin for 2 weeks, my pimples have cleared and my sleeping has improved. With the right food, exercise and the supplements, I really do feel like on my way to being the best version of me!
  • Megan Harris
    Megan Harris - I found Insulite Health by searching the web and I am so grateful. I tried different natural products that helped initially but after a few months the symptoms would eventually all come back. I am finally seeing results and I am so delighted.  The support given by Robin and her team is just phenomenal and you will receive all the help you need.
  • Brent Webb
    Brent Webb - My New Years resolution is Don’t stop!!! Did this happen over night? NO. Was it easy? NO. Am I there yet? NO. Can you do it? YES!!! As of this morning 81 lbs down.

The Natural Hormone Solution Has Helped 1000s of Women Relieve Symptoms of PCOS Using These 5-Elements...

5 Elements of the PCOS System
  • Nutrients - All-natural, scientifically formulated supplements to balance hormones, increase energy and improve insulin resistance.
  • Food as medicine - A whole new way of eating, feeding your body what it needs to balance your hormones naturally.
  • Movement as Medicine - A unique plan designed to use specific types of exercise to balance your hormones and accelerate healthy weight loss.
  • Cravings Awareness - Our Secret Ingredient! This is where most other lifestyle plans fall short...and why so many fail.
  • Community - Transformation requires real support. We offer a 24/7 community to support you and answer all of your questions...right when you need us!

Element 1: All Natural Nutritional Supplements

Naturally formulated with the highest pharmaceutical grade ingredients, our 3-part supplement solution is designed to provide extra nutritional support for relieving of your PCOS symptoms.

Element 2: Food as Medicine

Food can be your greatest ally in supporting your body. Of course, you need to know what to eat and when...and what NOT to eat. Especially when you are dealing with a syndrome as complex as PCOS.

Element 2 shows you how to use Food as Medicine to balance your insulin levels and hormones. Making small changes over time using our diet plans, recipes, and 24/7 support...will help you to successfully change your eating habits, choosing foods to support you and eliminate those persistent sugar and simple-carb cravings.

As you incorporate our diet plans into your life, you will discover:

  • Which foods in your kitchen create insulin resistance and hormone imbalance
  • How to set up your kitchen and pantry for true diet may be shocked how many diet destroying ingredients are hiding in your “good for you” foods
  • Why addiction to sugar and other unhealthy foods is so hard to break...and how to break the addiction once and for all
  • How to train your brain to LOVE the foods your body needs to be most healthy...and reverse your PCOS symptoms for good
  • What foods actually make you fat by turning on your “fat storage” hormones and keeping you hungry...some of these may really surprise you!

Our weekly recipes come have both meat and vegetarian options.

Rest assured...the Element 2 of the system is NOT just another diet plan...we all know how well diet plans work. Food as Medicine is only one element of our process. When using all 5-elements together, making small changes over time, you will retrain your brain to crave what your body really needs to be in your best health.

Element 3: Movement as Medicine

We are trained by those in the weight loss community to believe all exercise is good exercise. Unfortunately, some forms of movement can actually trigger your stress hormones...increasing your insulin resistance and triggering your PCOS symptoms.

Our Movement as Medicine program, included with your 5-Element System, is completely unique and designed to support reversal of PCOS symptoms.

  • Discover why you are not getting weight-loss results with your current fitness program...and what type of movement will support your body’s natural balance for maximum energy, weight control, and reversal of your PCOS symptoms
  • Substitute exercise you LOVE for the sugar you (used to) crave...because when your movement truly supports your body, your body will reward you with the same feel good hormones as that ole chocolate bar...without the damage from the sugar
  • Add movement right into your normal daily you can spend less time in the gym (or procrastinating about the gym) and more time simply living your best life

The old model of under-eating and over-exercising simply will not work for those suffering from PCOS. Join us and discover what movements best support your body, emotions and mind, and how to best integrate them into your daily routine.

Element 4: Cravings Awareness

Craving Awareness...the place most diet and health plans fail is our secret weapon to transforming your life and your PCOS symptoms! Some foods are as addictive to the body as drugs. Really! And making fast changes can trigger your cravings...putting your body into “fight or flight” reaction...just like a drug addict desperate for a fix.

When you invest in the Natural Hormone Solution For PCOS program, you receive 24/7 community support to help you get through your worst cravings...PLUS:

  • You will discover how to listen to your body and understand what the cravings are trying to tell you...your body WANTS to be healthy and feel good, and cravings show us where our attention is really needed.
  • Why willpower will never be enough to control your deepest cravings...and how best to conquer cravings instead.
  • How to make your cravings work FOR you rather than against you can use the right food as medicine based on what your body really needs.

Element 5: A Community of Women JUST LIKE YOU

Suffering from PCOS symptoms can be lonely. Many of us don’t feel comfortable sharing our struggles with our friends or family...because the symptoms can be embarrassing and personal. To recover, though, we NEED community...

Science has proven community support is the BEST way to ensure any successful life transformation. And reversing your PCOS symptoms really is a life transformation.

When you invest in the Natural Hormone Solution For PCOS, you are joining a Sisterhood...a community of women with PCOS just like you, many of whom have fully reversed their symptoms and are here to support you to do the same!

  • 24/7 Support in our private Facebook community - overcome your cravings, get meal ideas, ask questions and get coaching from other members who have been right where you are!
  • Monthly “Empowered Hour” calls covering important PCOS topics and answering your questions. Answering your questions as you implement the 5-Elements of the program.
  • Service is one of the best ways to release stress and create “feel good” hormones...a key component of recovery! As a member of the Siterhood, you can add your own stories to our Facebook group and support other women to recover too.

  • Christina Holaday
    Christina Holaday - I am so excited about the changes I have already had. I started taking the Insulite supplements as soon as they arrived. The first couple days I didn't notice much but the next day I had an abundance of energy. I wanted to do everything and had energy to do it. I love how I feel right now and will continue to focus on making the necessary diet and movement changes slowly. This program has given me my hope back. I feel happy and motivated which I haven't felt in months. I hope this can encourage others because I was at the end of my rope. Thanks for listening”
  • Misty Robinson
    Misty Robinson - I want to throw a party! I am wrapping up week 4 of the supplements. I never have regular periods unless on birth control. "Good" for me was once or twice a year.  I began clean eating and cut the caffeine. I started the supplements right before I started my cycleI. I religiously took the supplements and on Day 29 my cycle started AGAIN! My cycle was a textbook case of 28 days. This has never happened to me, and I can't believe how good it feels to have a normal cycle. I am woman! 💪 Plus, I am dropping weight. (happy face)
  • Sylvia Rebecca
    Sylvia Rebecca - "I have to share how good I feel since joining this program. I have been on it for 3 weeks. I take the supplements faithfully, started working out, eat better and drink half my body weight in water. My mood swings are better and I just feel happier. For the last 3 years I have been depressed and did not want to do anything, but look at me now. I am hoping that my period will start soon. This is the next step for me. I do not get a period without taking Provera. You guys are also an amazing group of women and so happy to be on this journey with all of you. A NEW ME!!!!!!"

The Natural Solution to Success

Small Steps Equal Sure Success

The program is designed to guide you to make small changes over the course of 6-12 you begin relieving your symptoms right away, and also create the lasting lifestyle transformation required to STAY HEALTHY.

A diet or exercise plan that “shocks the system” will not work for you because PCOS flares up when the body is stressed.

Drastic changes in diet and exercise also can cause significant cravings, mood swings, physical distress to your muscles and joints, and more.

To create real and lasting transformation in your body, health, and life requires small changes over time. We call this process the “5% Solution”...whereby you make a small “5% lifestyle change”: week over week until you realize 100% of the transformation of your symptoms.

When you join the program, you will receive your Weekly Action Step Video...a video showing you the 5% change to make that week to move you one step towards the new habits around food and movement required to heal your PCOS Symptoms.

As you incorporate these small steps into your life, one week at a time, you will begin to experience real shift in your health.

What To Expect & When

While EVERY WOMAN’S BODY AND SYMPTOMS ARE DIFFERENT...after serving tens of thousands of women with PCOS, we can give you some general guidelines of what to expect when you join the Natural Hormone Solution program*:

Months 1-5
Women who use all 5-elements of the system report their hormone levels begin to balance very quickly. During months 1-5, most women in the program will experience:

  • Better energy - often within the first month
  • Weight loss - often after initial water weight gain
  • Menstruation resumes or regulates
  • Improved sense of well-being

The experience of reduced symptoms during months 1-5 is due to very real changes occuring in the cells of your body:

  • Lower Insulin and glucose levels (disclaimer)
  • Detoxification and toxin excretion
  • Sex hormones begin to balance, reducing symptoms like facial hair, fatigue, brain fog, acne, infertility, mood swings, and weight gain.

Months 6-12
During month’s 6-12, most women in the program report:

  • Slow, steady and continual weight loss
  • New hair growth (for those with male pattern baldness)
  • Definitive loss of facial hair and other unwanted body hair
  • Renewed ovulation - note that lack of ovulation can be caused by more than PCOS, so some women will not experience ovulation as a result of the system.
  • Continued reduction of skin problems
  • Balanced moods

As you continue to implement more and more changes, the body will continue to balance hormonally, at a cellular level, and, as a result, your symptoms will disappear.

*Individual Results will vary

REMEMBER, there is no quick fix for your PCOS Symptoms. Your symptoms have developed because of an imbalance in your body chemistry...generated over a long period of time.

An out-of-balance body takes time to recover. When you incorporate small changes over time, your body and mind will more easily accept and adapt to the new ways of eating and moving and you will create real long term health.

For maximum results, we recommend a year-long commitment to creating lasting life transformation with the Natural Hormone Solution.

When You Invest In Your Health With The Natural Hormone Solution, You Receive…

...the tools, tips, strategies and community you need to break free from PCOS.

  • Nutritional Supplements - A supply of our proprietary, specially-formulated nutrients (PolyPlus, RejuvaPlus and InsulX) shipped directly to your door each month you are in our program.
  • Nutritional Supplement Instructions - how and when to take your nutrients
  • Full Access To The Natural Hormone Solution Resource Center - 12 modules that guide you step-by-step through the 5 elements of the system. Includes videos, guides, handouts and recipes to help you implement manageable life changes each week to create real and lasting relief from your PCOS symptoms.
  • Action Step Videos delivered to your inbox weekly – quick healthy lifestyle tips with simple steps to focus on each week, including topics on Food, Movement, and Cravings
  • 24/7 Support in the Private Facebook Group - a gathering place where PCOS experts & like minded women come together to support each other and share their PCOS stories, challenges and successes. This is where the magic happens!
  • FREE SHIPPING (US and Canada)
  • 30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee - We know this system works, so we offer you a full 30 day guarantee! If you're not completely satisfied with your results, simply return the empty or unused nutraceutical bottles within 30 days of purchase and receive a full refund.

Invest in YOUR HEALTH Today!

Join The Natural Hormone Solution.
The COMPLETE Solution for Reversing PCOS Symptoms.

3 Month Subscription Plan

  • 3 Month Supply of all 3 Supplements
  • Ships & Bills Once Every 3 Months
  • Private Resource Center
  • 24/7 Private Facebook Support Community
  • No Contract. Cancel Any Time
6 Month Subscription Plan

  • 6 Month Supply of all 3 Supplements
  • Ships & Bills Once Every 6 Months
  • Private Resource Center
  • 24/7 Private Facebook Support Community
  • No Contract. Cancel Any Time

Our Community Believes In Us…

Your Health Is Worth It!

You may be addressing my symptoms now really worth the money and effort? First of all - YES. It is. Because YOU ARE WORTH IT.

You have heard the saying “put on your oxygen mask first”...but as women, we often forget that caring for ourselves has a huge ripple effect on our families, our communities, and those we love.

This is your time to put on your oxygen mask and take care of your ONE body! Your body is your vehicle for moving and action in the world, for doing your work, living your purpose, caring for your loved ones and your community.

Reversing your symptoms is a huge benefit of the 5-Element program. And it isn’t the only benefit.

As your body balances, you will become more energized, more confident. Your emotions will balance. Your capacity for joy and pleasure will increase. You will feel more sexy and sensual.

Imagine how much time managing your PCOS symptoms actually steals from your life. With the increased energy and vitality of truly transformed health, what could you do with that extra time?

You're WORTH It!

Join The Natural Hormone Solution.
The COMPLETE Solution for Reversing PCOS Symptoms.

3 Month Subscription Plan

  • 3 Month Supply of all 3 Supplements
  • Ships & Bills Once Every 3 Months
  • Private Resource Center
  • 24/7 Private Facebook Support Community
  • No Contract. Cancel Any Time
6 Month Subscription Plan

  • 6 Month Supply of all 3 Supplements
  • Ships & Bills Once Every 6 Months
  • Private Resource Center
  • 24/7 Private Facebook Support Community
  • No Contract. Cancel Any Time

Our 30 DAY “Try It and Love It” Or Your MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

The Natural Hormone Solution has helped 10’s of thousands of women reverse their PCOS symptoms.

We are so confident the system will help you take back your body and your health, we guarantee it...

If, upon trying the program, you aren’t completely satisfied with your experience, then simply email our customer service at support@insulitehealth or call us at 1-888-272-8250, return your empty and unused bottles, and we’ll refund your purchase.

You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain…Today is YOUR day to take back your body, your health, and your vibrant life!

TAKE CONTROL of Your Life Today…

Join The Natural Hormone Solution.
The COMPLETE Solution for Reversing PCOS Symptoms.

3 Month Subscription Plan

  • 3 Month Supply of all 3 Supplements
  • Ships & Bills Once Every 3 Months
  • Private Resource Center
  • 24/7 Private Facebook Support Community
  • No Contract. Cancel Any Time
6 Month Subscription Plan

  • 6 Month Supply of all 3 Supplements
  • Ships & Bills Once Every 6 Months
  • Private Resource Center
  • 24/7 Private Facebook Support Community
  • No Contract. Cancel Any Time

Frequently Asked Questions... Answered

Q: How long before I start seeing results? +

A: The Insulite Heath 5 Element System is far more than just the nutraceutical supplements. How long it takes to notice positive improvements depends on the individual. Many people feel better in the first several weeks of being on the Insulite PCOS System, notably an increase in their energy and a decrease in their carbohydrate cravings. In the first 3-6 months, most women notice a significant decrease in their symptoms, including regulation of the menstrual cycle, weight loss, greater emotional stamina and stability, reduction in unwanted hair growth, and clearing of skin.

Q: How long do I have to take the nutritional supplements? +

A: We certainly don’t want our customers to have to take the Insulite Nutritional supplements for the rest of their lives! We do, however, hope you will continue the healthy lifestyle elements, including nutrition and exercise. Scientific research overwhelmingly confirms the fact that a truly effective change in the body at a cellular level needs to be gradual. You did not develop PCOS overnight. Therefore, it is not realistic or safe to attempt or expect a complete reversal in a few days. We recommend that you follow the Insulite PCOS System for at least six months.

Q: Do I need a prescription? +

A: No, a prescription is not required.

Q: Is the program covered by health insurance? +

A: Although some insurance companies recognize the use of nutritional supplements, unfortunately at this time, the majority of insurance companies do not.

Q: Are there any drug interactions between pharmaceutical medications and the Insulite PCOS nutrients? +

A: Members of Insulite’s Consulting & Advisory Teams are happy to look at the mechanism of action of your medications and the System’s supplements to assess the likelihood of interactions. Just contact us to discuss your specific medication.

Q: Can the Insulite Natural Hormone Solution reverse my infertility? +

A: We cannot promise the Insulite PCOS System will reverse infertility, although we know it can address several of the causative factors behind this condition. As stated on our website, losing weight and getting your insulin levels regulated will help to reduce ovarian cysts and help to normalize hormonal imbalances, thereby enhancing your ability to conceive.

Q: Is it safe to use while pregnant? +

A: Insulite Health congratulates you on your pregnancy. We recommend that you discontinue the use of the Insulite Nutritional Supplements and switch to the Pregnancy PLUS System until you have stopped nursing. While we know the Insulite PCOS System is safe, the Insulite supplements have not been tested in clinical trials on pregnant women. But we strongly encourage you to stay on the nutrition and exercise plans as these recommendations are both safe for pregnant as well as nursing mothers.

Q: Can I use the nutrients while nursing? +

A: Insulite Health congratulates you on your pregnancy and the birth of your child. We recommend that you discontinue the use of the Insulite Nutritional Supplements and switch to the Pregnancy PLUS System until you have stopped nursing. While we know the Insulite PCOS System is safe, the Insulite supplements have not been tested in clinical trials on pregnant women. But we strongly encourage you to stay on the nutrition and exercise plans as these recommendations are both safe for pregnant as well as nursing mothers.

Q: Is there anything about the Insulite Natural Hormone Solution that will increase blood pressure? +

A: No, none of the elements of the Insulite PCOS System will have a negative impact on blood pressure levels.

Q: Can I purchase the supplements only, without the diet and exercise guidelines? +

A: We do not sell the different elements individually, because the Insulite PCOS System is designed to work as a whole. The diet, exercise, and community support elements are included in the price of the Insulite PCOS System.

Q: Can my teenager take the Insulite PCOS products and safely follow the program? +

A: Yes, the diet and exercise recommendations are safe for everyone over the age of 12. It is recommended that teenagers take the Insulite Nutritional Supplements at half the adult suggested use because there have been no clinical studies conducted with teenagers using these formulas.Please contact our Consulting & Advisory Teams to discuss suggested uses for YOUR teenager.

Q: How will I feel when I enroll in the Natural Hormone Solution program? +

A: As you get into the Nutrition and Exercise Plans, and the longer you use the Insulite PCOS System, you should feel more energized and your levels of stamina are apt to stay constant throughout the day. Afternoon lulls in focus or concentration should decrease. You are certain to experience a marked reduction in cravings for simple carbohydrates in the early afternoon. Most people will also sleep more soundly and will awake more refreshed in the morning.

Q: Would the Insulite Health Program work for someone without weight gain? +

A: Yes. We recommend that you still comply with the diet, exercise, and nutritional supplementation because most likely you still suffer from some hormonal imbalances that cause PCOS symptoms to continue.

Q: Is the program appropriate for someone with hypoglycemia? +

A: Yes. It is important, however, to monitor your blood sugar levels 3-4 times per day, especially initially. The diet changes we recommend require that individuals with hypoglycemia are vigilant about their blood sugar levels. Additionally, if you suffer from hypoglycemia, eat 5-6 small meals per day that are protein-based and watch consumption of carbohydrates.

Q: Do I continue taking Fortemet 500mg in the morning for PCOS, while using the Insulite Natural Hormone Solution? +

A: Many of our clients are on glucose-lowering drugs and some take them when they are on the Insulite PCOS System. While it’s unethical to tell you not to take any medicine, we can tell you that the Insulite PCOS System is designed to have a similar effect as this medication. It is our philosophy to treat the cause of the condition and not modify symptoms. Please consult with your physician if you wish to discontinue the use of any medication.

Q: If diabetic, can I take the Insulite PCOS nutrients if I am on actos? +

A: Yes, it is safe to take Actos and be on the Insulite PCOS System simultaneously.

Q: Can I still take my multivitamins while in the Insulite PCOS program? +

A: Yes. You can take your multivitamins while on the Insulite PCOS System. Your vitamins can be taken at meal time with the InsulX and RejuvaPlus.

Here is a suggested schedule:

1/2 hour before breakfast: PolyPlus-2 capsules
With breakfast: InsulX-2 capsules and RejuvaPlus-2 capsules
With Lunch: InsulX-2 capsules and RejuvaPlus-2 capsules
Between lunch and dinner: PolyPlus-2 capsules
Q: Am I doomed to get Type 2 Diabetes if I have Insulin Resistance? +

A: No, with proper nutrition and diet and a moderate exercise plan, you can certainly manage and perhaps even REVERSE the conditions of PCOS and Insulin Resistance which ultimately will be the best strategy to prevent Diabetes.

Q: If I have already tried Atkins (or other carbohydrate reducing diets) and “failed” why would I succeed with this program? +

A: The Insulite PCOS System recommends a more realistic and healthy nutrition plan and emphasizes a reasonable exercise plan. Once you master both of these concepts, the likelihood of gaining weight in the future is minimal. The nutrients in our Nutritional Supplement element increase the way your body uses insulin and reduces the cardiovascular effects of having too much insulin. The Atkins diet merely suggests severe carb restriction without emphasizing the importance of healthy nutrients to reverse the condition of Insulin Resistance.

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