Break Free From Menopause – Day 1: Adrenals

Hey beauties, this is Robin Nielsen. Welcome to Break Free From Menopause. I am so excited to share some strategies to really kind of rock the second half of our lives. I am just so glad that you’re here and I am known as the growing younger expert because I was actually old when I was young and I’ll share more about that in just a little bit. Today we are embarking on a really fabulous journey for growing younger. I always love helping people, not just women, but people feel so much better because I think that what happens is we get so used to not feeling well, and especially as we age, we oftentimes think that those symptoms are just part of getting older, so we accept them.

What I want you to think about from this day forward is that if you feel something that’s not just right in your body, I want you to work on changing it, to improving it, to ask your body what’s going on, to really become the CEO of your health so that these symptoms don’t really take over your life because they can. They can really alter the course of your life if you don’t feel well. I don’t want that for you. I want you to live a fabulous, glorious life. So, here are some ground rules for this community and especially these programs; this is a sacred space. So our Natural Solutions for Facebook group is a really sacred space where we reach out to women through the lens of love and everything that is shared here is completely confidential and it’s all kept here within this group so that we can be vulnerable. So that we can share what’s going on for us and so that we can ask for support.

We all agree that this community is completely confidential. So I invite you to just, you know, spread the love, support every single woman here to be her very best self. Take a moment right now to grab a pen and some paper because we’re going to do some fun stuff here today and grab a nice cup of tea too if you can. Today I’m going to share as much as I can with you. We just have a short amount of time today and then I’ll show you at the end how you can learn more. I want to go over sort of the schedule of events this week because it’s pretty exciting. All week long we’re breaking free from Menopause Syndrome. I’m going to add that onto the end because menopause itself can be an absolutely glorious time of your life.

It’s just the syndrome part, all those yucky symptoms that have got to go. So all this week we are going to be talking about today is all about adrenal health. So today we are addressing energy and bloating, we’re addressing anxiety and hot flashes and night sweats too. So those are the topics for today’s discussion.  Thyroid health will also be discussed at a later time. It involves metabolism and depression or low moods. We’ll also talk about hair loss, weight gain, motivation, dry skin and dry, straw like hair.

Please watch our Day 1 video in the Break Free From Menopause series to learn more about how to be the best you! To watch all videos in their entirety and access the assessments click here.

Next Steps

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