Lack of Sleep Can Lead to Diabetes in PCOS Women

A good night’s sleep isn’t just vital for better management of your PCOS symptoms. Getting less than at least seven hours’ sleep regularly can profoundly affect your body’s ability to use insulin properly and raise your risk of developing diabetes – a disorder that women are already prone to thanks to their PCOS.

Dutch scientists looked at how effective the bodies of nine healthy volunteers were at processing sugar. The participants were examined twice – once after a night of eight hours’ sleep and once after grabbing just four hours.

Halving the amount of sleep reduced the body’s ability to use insulin to process sugar – known as insulin sensitivity – by up to a quarter, the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism reports.

Previous research has found that several nights of poor sleep can send sugar levels haywire. But this study is the first to show that even one bad night  can be detrimental to health whatever the cause of the sleeplessness, such as stress from a busy day at the office or a sick child.

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