The PCOS "New Year's DETOX" Begins in...

New Year, Fresh Start, Hormone Reset!

Join the PCOS "New Year's DETOX" Ditch the Toxins, Release Weight, and Get Re-Energized in Just 14 Days!

Holiday Re-Tox? Come detox with me to shake off the old year yuck, and bring in the New Year yum!

Are you in a post-holiday stupor like me? Willpower is gone, but fat, tired and frumpy are back in? Yor PCOS symptoms may be back with a vengeance with cravings that won't quit and a sense that you've lost your beautiful self altogether.

Don't despair. I have a sure-fire way to help you break free from the holiday stupor vicious cycle. It's my New Year's Detox. It's a crazy great kickstart to the New Year to reset your brain and your body to really rock your health and your life in 2018.


Here are some changes you might experience:

  • Decrease inflammation. Feel lighter with less swelling...everywhere.
  • Improve energy PLUS have a more positive outlook.
  • Better sleep.
  • No more cravings and an understanding of why they happen.
  • Reduced bloating and gas.
  • More beautiful skin.
  • A sense of better hormone balance.
  • Begin to reverse facial hair growth, hair thinning, weight gain, poor moods, low energy, acne, hot flashes and more.
  • Feel more peaceful and balanced.
  • Begin to release weight, even if you've been stuck for a long time.
  • Learn how to re-sync your body for menstrual regularity and fertility.

About the Program

Here's what's included when you register:

  • 3 LIVE Calls - 1 call per week for 3 weeks (listen in by phone or computer - replay available to listen to at any time if you can’t make the calls live) - Q&A with each one.
  • Handouts for each call with step-by-step simple instructions (even easy for those with a busy life!)
  • Meal Plans - We eat a lot, so be prepared to maybe eat more than you normally do.
  • Private FB group for expert support.
  • Beginning Health Assessment and ending Health Assessment so you can see your progress.
  • PCOS 5-Element System supplements to support your cleanse.
  • Class Dates: January 10th, 17th and 24th at 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern (join in live or listen to the replay later)
  • Special Pricing for DUTCH Complete Test

Plus This Special BONUS:

The "Pre-Cleanse DETOX Quickstart Checklist" - You'll get instant access to this handy PDF checklist so you can get started right away once you register.

PCOS Pre-Cleanse Quick Start Check List

My face is clearing up. My bloat is down. I'm down 4 lbs total so far and 5 1/2". The detox was good to get me thinking of what to eat and not to eat. It made me get out of my cheese habit. I had already cut out most dairy but was hanging onto cheese. I've cut down a ton on sugar. I'm going to continue to eat similar to the plan as it's helping. And another thing I focused on was my water intake. My skin is clearer and I feel way better in general.

Whitney Bota
Whitney Bota

"Had a gyn appointment early this morning. She commented how happy, clear and refreshed I look. I told her all about this cleanse and she asked for the link so she could help future patients! Day 3 and I am plowing ahead with my three affirmations of Beauty, Love and Self forgiveness!"

Agnes Zidros
Agnes Zidros

I haven't seen a difference on the scale but I have I lost inches. I feel tighter and cleaner. Huge wow factor is I used to drink diet pop. Now I haven't for the past week. Drinking mostly water and no withdrawals. I'm shocked but happy. I have to brag I have eliminated 80-90% of sugar out of my diet and feel good. Thank you. I usually give up quickly so it's amazing I lasted without negative effects. Thank you for this great program. I was very skeptical. I am not now.

Deborah Pushka
Deborah Pushka

Bragging moment! For the first time in 13 YEARS I'm having a normal period! Bleeding normally, NOT having excruciating cramps, NOT breaking out terribly and my hair is NOT falling out! I am so happy I could cry! This program helped me stay sane and has given me my sanity back. I am in control of my body for the first time in my entire life. Truly a blessing.

Alyssa Marie
Alyssa Marie

There are three PCOS DETOX Packages to choose from. Pick the one that's right for you and get these two BONUSES!

BONUS #1: Pre-Cleanse DETOX Checklist - get started right away to prepare for the DETOX

BONUS #2: Pre-DETOX Bonus Class, "How To Have The Winning Mindset For Success!" You'll learn how to get Negative Nellie off your shoulder and why she's there in the first place, along with the real secrets behind willpower to make 2018 your best year ever.

Cleanse Only - No Supplements
  • $47 for VIP Inner Circle Members
  • Members Save 50% on Cleanse

Cleanse + Supplements
$144( $194 Value - Save 25%)
  • Monthly Supply of 4 PCOS Nutrients
  • Ships & Bills $97 Monthly
  • Includes VIP Inner Circle Membership

Cleanse + Supplements
  • 1 Month Sample Supply of 4 PCOS Nutrients
  • Ships & Bills One Time

As soon as you register I’ll send you information on how to get started. I’ll meet up with you inside!


Robin Nielsen, PCOS Hormone Nutrition Expert

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