Nutrients: A Powerful Part of Improving PCOS Symptoms

A Powerful Part of Improving PCOS Symptoms

Thanks for watching! Welcome to Weekly Tips! Today I want to share with you some simple facts and tips about the Insulite System nutraceutical program – the first element of the 5-Element System. The combination of nutrients and herbs in these supplements use discoveries from molecular biology, nutritional biochemistry along with a knowledge of human pathophysiology and phytochemistry to support the processes that govern healthy metabolism.

Whew!!…What all this technical speak means is that there is a ton of research that’s gone into making the Insulite supplements. They can be a powerful part of improving the symptoms of PCOS. But don’t let the number of supplements overwhelm you. … When you take them regularly you might see more balanced hormones and moods, increased energy and fertility… and they may even help with weight loss – we’ve seen this first hand with so many of our community.

Here’s a quick reminder on how to take each of the three supplements…. Polyplus, RejuvaPlus, and InsulX… take 2 caps with each meal. Put together at least a week at a time to make it easy to stay on track. I went to the hardware store and purchased a plastic container for nuts and bolts – it has 18 compartments. Be sure to wash it well before you use it!…I put all the breakfast pills on the left hand side, 1 set for each day, and the dinner pills on the right. What’s great about the pill container is it’s portable and you can take it with you wherever you go.

So this week, get organized around your nutrients so it’s easy breezy to stay on track…. We’re here for you. See you next week!

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