I was scared

I was off hiking in Yosemite National Park here in California last week, experiencing adventure and creating memories. Doing a little ‘forest bathing’ and completely unplugged. It was amazing.

But I was scared.

Not of bears. But about the food they were serving at the High Sierra Camps. My husband Eric and I hiked for four days over 33 miles and more than 7,000 feet elevation gain and drop. We slept in a tent cabin. Each night we were served dinner, and then breakfast the next morning before heading out to hike to our next destination.

And there was no information about the menu anywhere. I was scared.

Sunrise High Sierra Camp Menu

So I had to be prepared. I just couldn’t risk living on bad food for four days. Feeling good is key, especially when I’m asking so much of my body.

We saw this sign the first night at Sunrise High Sierra Camp. I was so excited. It said “Chicken, salad, soup, veggies and more!”

Turns out they forgot to update the sign from the previous night.

Instead we were served salad with meatballs made with wheat and pasta. So I went vegan and asked for a plate of vegetables. Fortunately, I had brought bison jerky and beef sticks from US Wellness Meats, along with homemade granola for breakfast (just in case), and homemade trail mix. I also brought some fresh vegetables for the first day for lunch. So I was well covered.

Gluten Free Menu

The food really was fabulous after the first night. We had plenty of fresh vegetables, fruit, salmon, pulled pork, eggs and bacon, all brought in by mules. And I always had my homemade granola each morning with hot water for breakfast topped with their fresh fruit. Each morning at 7am and each evening at 6pm we gathered before our meal for hot tea, coffee or hot chocolate. What a nice ritual that we are continuing.

Yosemite Eric and Robin

The hike was hard. We’re not big hikers, so we had to practice. But we didn’t practice much – only two big hikes before our trip. Instead we played tennis, did a little yoga, our daily walks with our dogs and some bike riding around town. And then we prayed we could do it.

And we did. One day we climbed as high as 11,000 feet. We went slowly, and I added some special nutrients to our water each day (this is also my strenuous exercise regime):

  • L-glutamine powder – 2 tlbs per 2 liters to fuel my energy
  • Electrolyte Synergy – 3 tsp per 2 liters to replace much needed nutrients for energy and stamina
  • Sea salt, 1/2 tsp per 2 liters water

I also took these extra supplements:

  • 2 Magnesium Buffered Chelate am and pm
  • Ferrochel (iron to support me in the high altitudes – check your ferritin levels before taking this – you want them to be 75-100)
  • C3 Curcumin Complex, 2 caps am and pm to help with pain and inflammation
  • AllerGzyme, 1 cap with each meal to help with digestion of corn, soy, egg, dairy and wheat – I didn’t want to take any chances!
  • B Supreme, 1 cap am and pm to help with sleep, adrenal support and energy
  • Adrenal Complex, 2-3 caps am and midday for energy (and this would help with sleep at night)

Stairway to Heaven

This was truly the stairway to heaven. Although just one of many, once we ascended this one we had finally arrived at the summit.

What a great accomplishment, and what an incredible view.

The whole trip was full of wonder, with waterfalls, fields of lupin, fern groves, lakes, domes of rock rising up from the valley floor, a full moon, incredible star gazing, and a lovely community each night of like-minded, exhausted happy and hungry people.

Snow Angel

After a snowball fight I laid down in the snow and tried to make a snow angel.

Break out of your shell this summer and try something new that frightens you a bit. Get out of your comfort zone. Get some dirt under your nails. It’s amazing how it can put the small stuff into perspective. And especially, find a way to get unplugged. It’s the very best gift you can give yourself. I’ll share more on that later!

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