How to Stop Weight Gain … From Dieting

Weight loss is essential for most of us seeking to better manage the symptoms of PCOS. And even lean women with PCOS need to control their weight effectively. But did you know that, for every pound you lose, your resting metabolism drops by about 2 to 10 calories a day?

In other words, lose 10 pounds and you then have to eat 20 to 100 fewer calories a day to maintain your trimmer physique, not factoring in exercise.

However, you can prevent your metabolic rate from slipping while you become slimmer. One way is to lose fat but maintain muscle. You can do this by reducing calories and increasing aerobic and resistance exercise.

Avoid crash diets (fewer than 1,000 calories a day) because they’re unhealthy and may result in a higher percentage of muscle loss. Stick to a balanced, nutritious diet while you exercise regularly.

One way to lose weight is to cut 250 calories a day and burn 250 calories per day through exercise. That will help you retain or even gain muscle for energy while you lose a greater percentage of body fat.

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