Hair and Hormones Day 4: Highlights + Q&A + Laser Coaching

Welcome. Today is day four of hair and hormones. This is Robin Nielsen, and I just want to give a shout out every single one of you who has shown up the past few days. And I want to congratulate you for showing up here today, because that is a step towards healing. So every time we show up for ourselves, we are moving along the path to health and healing. And that’s huge. It’s so amazing to be here with you today. I love seeing your comments, I read every single one of them. It really warms my heart that you are looking for a solution. 

So I want to talk just for a minute about two states of being, and one of those states is being a victim. That would be like putting somebody else in charge of how you’re going to feel, how you’re going to live your life, how your health is going to be. And it’s kind of like you’re stuck in that victim place of “I can’t get past this, this thing happened to me and I’m kind of stuck and nobody can fix it.”  So it’s kind of victimhood and giving somebody else the power to heal you or not.

I know that because you’re here, you’re not that person and I just want to encourage you to keep being aware of where you are in that process. The other state of being is empowerment, being in a place of, “I’m in charge, I’m in charge of my health, I am in charge of my life. Things may happen to me, but I’m gonna figure this out.” And that’s why you’re here. I want you to give yourself so much love around that, so much love for showing up here for yourself, becoming empowered. How amazing is that? So we are becoming the CEO, the chief executive officer of our own health. That’s what we’re becoming. 

One of my clients said yesterday, I’m the CTO. So I am the chief technology officer, I am showing you the way on how to do it, right? I don’t hold the power for you. I’m going to show you the way and you’re going to take charge. So you’re going to become the CEO of your own health. You’re in charge, and that’s because your wellness is all within you, starting with your thoughts. All your wellness is within you. 

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