Get Me Off the Weight Loss Roller Coaster!

By Heather Bishara
I hate roller coasters. The big kind, the small kind, and everything in between. But most of all, I hate the weight loss roller coaster. This is probably because I can never seem to get off of it. Up and down, round and round I go… where I’ll stop nobody seems to know. That’s the biggest problem: while the man-made kind only lasts a few minutes, the weight loss kind seems to last forever.

So why can’t I lose the weight permanently? Some would chalk it up to lack of self control. I’d go with that explanation except that I seem to have extreme self control in other parts of my life. I’m not an excessive shopper. I stick to my budget every month. My house is fairly clean. I rarely drink. So lack of self control doesn’t seem to jive with other areas of my life.

Irritated with myself, I decided to go to the doctor. When she told me I had a medical issue, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) that causes me to be more at risk of gaining weight I thought “Great! Now I can take a pill to get over it.” Wrong.

There is no cure for PCOS. Rather the solution is to find a new way of living that allows my body to operate in the most efficient way it can. Lucky for me, the doctor had some information for me to read on the subject. I also went home and did additional research. One of the best places I’ve found for information on PCOS is at Here’s what I learned from them:

• Women with PCOS suffer from a condition known as insulin resistance which causes the body to produce inadequate amounts of insulin to effectively convert food to energy. One side effect is the body craves carbs which can lead to weight gain. 

• A low-carb diet has proved to be effective not only in weight loss programs but also in helping to control the production of insulin in the pancreas. But keep in mind that females of normal weight and lean women can also have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and insulin resistance.

• Exercise is a main component of dealing with the symptoms of PCOS. Exercise increases the sensitivity of your cell walls to insulin for the vital conversion of glucose to energy; it boosts metabolism, burns calories and helps to level out the production of insulin the pancreas.

• Choose a balanced, healthy diet that doesn’t include refined carbohydrates, like bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, corn and refined sugars. Avoid artificial sweeteners which can raise insulin levels.

• Avoid stimulants like caffeine, alcohol and tobacco. Even over-the-counter cold medications can contain stimulants, causing spikes in insulin production and release.

• Your doctor may need to address collateral issues such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol issue with medication until they come under control naturally with your weight loss and healthier lifestyle.

• Find a PCOS support group to chat with women who are going through the same experience as you are as it can be frustrating to find common ground with others around you who can lose weight and/or maintain it more easily.

So the bottom line is that I have to go farther than most people to keep the weight in check. I need to crave discipline in diet and exercise, not carbs. I need to seek balance in my life, not in junk food. And most of all, after all of the self reflection and research, I’ve learned that I actually am in control of this roller coaster ride. I just needed a little extra training in amusement park operations to find out how to get off of it with my confidence and self-esteem firmly in place.


About the Author:

Heather Bishara lives in South Riding, VA, is a mother of two boys ages 1 and 4 and works as a business consultant for part-time from home. She continues on her journey for relief from her PCOS through a low carb diet, exercise, and the use of herbs and dietary supplements such as those found in the Insulite PCOS System.


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