Natural Hormone Solution Program Supplements

Lab Tested - using only the highest-grade all natural ingredients. The Nutritional Supplements are produced in the U.S. by our certified GMP compliant facility. All ingredients are tested to meet rigorous specifications of efficacy, purity and physical characteristics. Read Nutrient Ingredients



  • Promotes healthier blood sugar levels
  • Decreases insulin
  • Improves energy
  • Lowers inflammation
  • Modulates stress
  • Decreases PMS symptoms
  • Promotes more balanced moods

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  • Helps to increase energy
  • Improves insulin sensitivity
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Supports the immune system
  • Promotes happier moods
  • Reduces histamine that might be caused by poor gut health or food sensitivities

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  • Improves menstrual regularity
  • Promotes ovulation
  • Increases progesterone levels
  • Promotes calmer moods
  • Reduces facial hair growth and acne
  • Strengthens vaginal and uterine tissues
  • Reduces water retention
  • Supports gentle detoxification

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Omega Plus Fish Oil

(Included in the PLUS Programs)

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Support improved brain health, reduced anxiety and depression
  • Improve hormone balance
  • Regulate menstruation
  • Balance blood sugar
  • Reduce cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure
  • Improve ovulation
  • Lower testosterone levels
  • Improve Moods
  • Reduce insulin resistance
  • Improve skin health

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Bragging moment! For the first time in 13 YEARS I'm having a normal period! Bleeding normally, NOT having excruciating cramps, NOT breaking out terribly and my hair is NOT falling out! I am so happy I could cry! This program helped me stay sane and given me my sanity back. I am in control of my body for the first time in my entire life. Truly a blessing."

Alyssa Marie
Alyssa Marie

I'm on week 6 and I've lost 3.8 kgs! My brain fog, anxiety, low irritable moods, forgetfulness has cleared. My head feels clear! I haven't plucked a hair on my chin for 2 weeks, my pimples have cleared and my sleeping has improved. With the right food, exercise and the supplements, I really do feel like on my way to being the best version of me!"

Sophia Theacos
Sophia Theacos

I found Insulite Health by searching the web and I am so grateful. I tried different natural products that helped initially but after a few months the symptoms would eventually all come back. I am finally seeing results and I am so delighted.  The support given by Robin and her team is just phenomenal and you will receive all the help you need."

Megan Harris
Megan Harris

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