Fight back today against the risk cardiovascular disease

“The cardiovascular risk of PCOS is not something to be swept under the rug,” says Dr. Nancy Dunne in the latest edition of PCOS Review, the newsletter she co-writes with Research Associate, Bill Slater. She cites a recent Australian study that reveals an even greater link between PCOS and this serious condition.

If you have PCOS, this information may feel like a kick in the stomach. As if life with PCOS is not hard enough, here is further scientific evidence that a more difficult road lies ahead.

Does this mean that, even if women with PCOS can regain their periods, start ovulating again and against the odds conceive – – that they will ultimately be too infirmed to run and play with their precious grandchildren?

This news doesn’t have to be a life sentence if we start now to take steps to maximize our health. Please don’t get under the covers or pretend you haven’t heard about the long-term health risks of PCOS. Your well being is important to you, your family, your friends and those of us fortunate enough to  be members of the universal PCOS community. And it’s important to your future grandchildren if that’s part of the grand plan.

We urge you to read Dr. Dunne’s recommendations now and fight back instead of standing still or running away:

Best to you,

Catherine L, Editor – PCOS Support Blog

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