Detox Secrets for PCOS

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The holiday celebrations are in full swing here at my house. Lots of holiday parties, yummy treats, and not enough sleep for sure. It’s hard this time of year to stay balanced and it can really flare up symptoms of PCOS.

The 80/20 rule often applies during times like this. In fact right now, it’s more the 20% we’re deploying by indulging in foods and rituals that connect us to our family and friends and the holiday season we know and remember.

My brother makes the pies and cookies that we grew up with. He does make them healthier but he is quite a pastry chef, and when I have some I am reminded of holidays past that connect me to the comfort of my family and tradition.

So that leads me to using the energy of the New Year to do a detox together so we can leave all the symptoms behind!

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