Why I’m Crazy and Hooked

Why I'm Crazy and Hooked

I am CRAZY about my supplements (think “nutrients”).

This could be interpreted two ways:
1. I’m crazy, loco, wacko about my supplements;
2. I’m crazy without them, i.e. I don’t function well.

I am so crazy about them that, when I travel, I’ve learned how to ship my supplements anywhere in the world if I can’t take enough with me.

I blame it on my genetics, the environment, my inability to be “perfect” with my diet, my sensitivity to stressors that other people would simply not even notice, not able to get the right food at times if I’m not able to eat at home, and the list goes on, right?

When I was a kid I had asthma. Not all the time, just at certain times, and it was so bad that I thought I was going to die. I could hardly get air in. My parents called it hay fever but it was much more severe than that.

I’d get a cramp in my side when I ran.

I remember wanting more than anything to get the President’s Award for physical fitness in junior high – if there’s a prize I wanted it! But I couldn’t run the mile fast enough – I’d have to stop because of the pain.

I was constipated. For years and years, starting when I was a teenager. So I always felt bloated and full. If I didn’t eat this would improve, but how long could I starve myself?

I had acne.

For 25 years I suffered from broken out skin on my face, back and chest. It was horrible as I’m sure you know if you’ve ever suffered from acne or any skin issues.

And my list of health woes goes on and on. I forget most of them nowadays, thankfully!

My supplements have literally made all of these issues, plus the many more I had, completely go away on most days.

Of course, I had to clean up my diet, get really clear on the things that I was doing in my life that weren’t supporting my hormone balance and fix them – my hormone deal-breakers – but to this day, the supplements (nutrients) that I take keep my body in balance.

I rarely talk about the Insulite supplements because they are part of the 5-Element System and they can’t “fix” everything by themselves. That’s because they’re only one Element.

Did you know they’ve been helping women heal from symptoms of PCOS for over 13 years?

But with them, and my awareness around the food I eat, how I exercise, and how I take care of myself, they are non-negotiable.

Without constant adrenal support, I have a hard time breathing to this day. I was blessed with fragile adrenal glands that need constant love.

Thank you Insulite nutrients for having adrenal support.

Without zinc, I don’t handle stress as well, I get a “stitch” in my side and my skin breaks out.

Thank you Insulite nutrients for containing zinc.

Without magnesium and digestive enzymes, I become constipated and don’t tolerate certain foods as well.

Thank you Insulite nutrients for beneficial magnesium and digestive support.

Without chromium, vanadium and fiber (and many other nutrients), my blood sugar is all over the place causing increased insulin resistance which causes inflammation and all the symptoms of hormone imbalance – including my famous mood swings.

Thank you Insulite supplements for the many, many nutrients for helping with blood sugar balance.

Fenugreek reduces menstrual pain (1) and can decrease heavy bleeding, improves blood sugar balance, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure and so much more.

Thank you Insulite nutrients for supporting all these things.

Saw Palmetto and zinc, block the potent DHT androgenic pathway that causes facial hair, hair thinning and acne and help to keep my vaginal and uterine walls strong.

Thank you Insulite nutrients. Thank you.

I have to confess, I’m a nutrient junkie – hooked on supplements, you might say. But I’m feelin’ great, and they allow me to live my life full out.

So I guess I’m just super grateful.

What nutrients do you use and how do they help you feel your best?

I’d love to hear from you!

Effects of Fenugreek Seed on the Severity and Systemic Symptoms of Dysmenorrhea

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