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Share Your Passion For Healing From PCOS for the Natural Solutions for PCOS Conference.

How you can help...

Please make a short video using the simple recorder on this page below. It will be featured on the home page for the Natural Solutions for PCOS online Conference.

Your video will be combined with others to make a compelling case for women to register so they too can learn how to take charge of their health.

The conference is free and will offer over 30 fantastic interviews with a ton of info on all topics PCOS.

Below is a sample script you can use, but knowing how passionate you are about this topic, please feel free to make up your own.

Sample Script

My name is [first name] and I'm from [state or country].

I've suffered from symptoms of PCOS for [# of years].

I experienced [list symptoms that you've suffered from] and I felt [list the feelings you experienced].

I tried [state things you tried to heal from the symptoms that DIDN'T work] but my symptoms only got worse. Then I discovered that healing my symptoms was in my hands - it was literally up to me.

I learned that I have all the power to heal and it's a choice. So I started doing my own research and have figured out how to better take care of myself.

I no longer suffer from/with [list symptoms that you've recovered from], and I feel [how you feel now that you've taken charge of your health]. And you can too.

Join me and register for this conference right now to learn how you too can take charge of your health and your life like I did!

Record Your Video Here...

Once you’re done recording, simply click the record button again to stop the recording. You can then review your video before submitting. Once you’ve reviewed the video, simply click the “save” button and that’s it!

Thank You So Much For Your Support!

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