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May 2008

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May 2008

Home fitness equipment needn’t cost you an arm and leg if you want something a little more sophisticated than a jump rope or hand weights.

There are some very reasonably priced items out there, which can help to vary your exercise routine so it doesn’t become monotonous and you remain engaged in healthy activity.

A fitness ball can enhance any workout routine, ranging from ab work to push-ups. They’re also good for sitting on to improve core strength and posture while you work at a computer at home or watch TV. Expect to pay around $40.

A small heart-rate monitor keeps you posted on how fast your heart is beating to help you stay within a healthy target range and not overdo things. Cost: around $50.

A chin-up bar is perfect for a variety of upper-body exercises. Some models can be used as a foot anchor for stomach crunches. Cost: around $20.

Resistance tubing is a routine-busting alternative to hand weights. The tubes can offer light, medium and heavy resistance to sculpt both your upper and lower body. Prices vary but resistance tubing is quite inexpensive.

All of the above are readily available at sporting goods stores or online.

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