I Get To Brag About Kristin

I Get To Brag About Kristin

The entire Insulite team has PCOS, excluding my husband, Eric.

So each week at our team meeting we check in. Sometimes we’re all feeling great and sometimes one of us is challenged with some setbacks. It’s all part of life.

For awhile now, one of our team members, Kristin, felt like she had been “off the wagon” for too long and felt discouraged that she couldn’t stay on track with her health better.

We tease her for her lapses a bit because she’s such a good sport, and she laughs it off. In reality she’s a go-getter and has one speed in life – FAST. She is crazy amazing in her work and personal life, so taking care of herself sometimes takes a back seat.

This week we reviewed it and we both realized that she hasn’t been as far off track as she thought.

Here are two huge successes:

  • Fasting insulin went from 8.8 uIU/mL last year to 5.7 uIU/mL (optimal is below 5.4) – wow, right?!
  • Hemoglobin A1c (average of blood sugar over 3 months) went from 5.4 to 5.1 (below 5.4 is optimal)

These changes are fantastic. High insulin levels drive higher testosterone levels and inflammation, so by lowering fasting insulin a lot improves.

I discovered that while she hasn’t been getting enough sleep, or eating exactly right, or exercising the way she would like, she has been taking her Insulite nutrients. And this has had a big impact.

Congratulations Kristin on being consistent with your nutrients!

So this week, just do one thing that feels right – something that feels like it’s moving you in the direction of better health. And do it for seven days. And then keep doing it.

Who knows? Maybe it’s the one keystone habit that changes everything for you.

We call it the 5% Solution. Small wins over time equals big results.

Tell me what your one thing is.

Next Steps

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