Bowel Movements & PCOS


This week’s topic is all about regularity, i.e. bowel movements. It’s such an important topic because no matter how much you think yours are “normal”, bowel movements are a great indication of what’s going on with your digestion.

There are other names for bowel movements like stool, feces, poop, etc. This can be a very sensitive topic because how often do we talk about going #2? Well, if you’re a nutritionist or in the holistic health care field, then you’re like me – we talk about them a lot.

And if you’re an acupuncturist or familiar with Chinese medicine then you are very interested in the “Scoop on your Poop”. A Chinese medicine diagnosis will always include questions about bowel function because the functioning of your bowels – your large intestine or colon and your rectum can be related to so many other health issues.

With PCOS symptoms like acne on the face and chest, irritability, high blood pressure, abdominal distention or bloating… and headaches can be caused by constipation. Constipation can cause too much heat in different parts of the body. If you suffer from acne, do you notice how hot you feel on different parts of your body at times? This was the case for me.

I was constipated most of my teen years and well into my late 20s and early 30s. Who knew that my bowel movements weren’t normal? Not me!

Infrequent or thin bowel movements can cause symptoms like depression, neck and shoulder tension, frequent sighing, PMS and irregular menstrual cycles. Now I know why I had neck and shoulder tension for so many years. Constipation in all its forms can be aggravated by stress, changes in routine or even just a sedentary lifestyle. Here are some things to know about your poop that could have a big impact on your health.

It needs to be dark in color, slightly on the soft side so you don’t strain to get it out… and at least once a day. If you tend towards constipation you are reabsorbing your toxins and will feel even worse each time this happens. A bowel movement removes toxic waste from your body including metabolized hormones. But it can’t do it very effectively without fiber.

Enter all the fiber from your amazing food. You need soluble fiber to bind to your toxins to remove them, and insoluble fiber to sweep your digestive tract clean and promote bulk for peristalsis to keep things moving down your digestive tract. So this week pay attention to your bowel movements. How often are you going, are they well-formed and dark in color? Many women in our community have said that after starting our products they became regular for the first time in their lives.

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