Berries are Great for PCOS Health

Ounce for ounce, berries have more protective plant antioxidants than almost any other food … and that’s just the start of the advantages of these fruits for those of us with PCOS.
Berries – any berries – can not only lower the risk of developing a disease like cancer but also help prevent memory loss and heart problems.
And, because they’re high in fill-you-up fiber, they can also help to curb weight gain, which aids better management of PCOS symptoms whether you’re overweight, of normal healthy weight or even lean.
Aim to eat a cup of berries – fresh or frozen – at least three times a week. There are plenty of ways to add them to your diet. Try:

  • Tossing them in salads
  • Snacking on them one by one
  • Adding them to yogurt, cereal and smoothies
  • Stirring them into anything you bake.

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