Beating PCOS-Linked Tiredness and Stress

A classic side-effect of PCOS, namely chronic fatigue, makes it even harder to cope with the stress of modern day life. As a result, feeling frazzled can start to feel normal and many PCOS women turn to fattening high-carb food for comfort from stress.

But, while regular exercise may feel like the last thing you can face, you’ll soon enjoy huge health benefits from making the effort. That’s because it will provide an opportunity to release sapping stress and give you new energy to lose weight.

These factors, in turn, can invigorate you and help to reduce fatigue dramatically, as well as improving other symptoms of PCOS. Begin taking short walks, for example, and slowly build up the distance, duration and briskness. Take control of your tiredness by making exercise a habit most days.

After consulting your doctor about any new activity regime, try, if possible, to schedule your activity for the same time most days. That way, your body will come to expect healthy exercise and look forward to it. As a result, you’ll soon feel an improvement in your energy, weight and stress levels.

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