Beat Weight Gain … with Portion Control

Eating large amounts of food – even the healthy variety – can lead to excessive carbohydrate or calorie intake. This, in turn, can disrupt weight management as well as blood glucose and insulin control, which are all crucial for improving the symptoms of those of us with PCOS. 
Many people don’t even realize the amounts they are eating. So try to be more conscious of portion sizes. Check out recommended healthy measures of food on the internet and aim to eat something from at least three food groups per meal to balance your intake and help increase satisfaction.
Measure portion sizes of high-carb foods that are easy to overeat, such as cooked rice, pasta and cereal. After doing this several times, you will come to know what a healthier portion looks like and it will help you learn to properly estimate carb content.
By the way, avoid mindless eating in front of the computer or television. Be fully aware of eating while you eat and never eat out of a bag, box or jar.
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