Avoiding Midlife Weight Gain with PCOS

Your hormones don’t have to have the last word…

If you haven’t done so already, adopting a healthier lifestyle is a good idea as your middle years approach. This way you can avoid putting on those extra pounds that can bedevil both men and women of a certain age.

Female obesity has increased in the last two years. As you know, excessive weight gain can lead to Insulin Resistance, which, in turn, may cause a variety of serious health conditions. Research shows that obesity can be an acute problem during perimenopause, the 2-10 year period preceding menopause. But there’s good news, too, which we’ll keep till last.

Women tend to gain additional weight – as fat tissue – during perimenopause. In particular, this fat tissue tends to convert other hormones into estrogen. And estrogen, itself, encourages weight gain.

As women’s waistlines fill out during perimenopause, some weight gain is very difficult to avoid; typically it can range from 2-20 lbs. But your hormones don’t have to call the shots – there are ways for women to modify their lifestyles and keep the weight off during this time of life. Here are some tips:

  • Devise a balanced diet of nutrient-rich foods which suits you and try to discipline yourself to eat only when you’re hungry.
  • Your metabolism slows down 10-15% during mid-life, mainly to due to decreased muscle mass. If you’re comfortable with the idea, try lifting weights two or three times a week to preserve your muscle mass and keep your metabolism revved up.
  • Aerobic, cardiovascular exercise is crucial to minimizing fat storage and weight gain. Walk, jog, bike, swim or work out to an aerobics tape for at least one hour a day most days of the week. (With all exercise, it’s essential to consult your health care professional first.)
  • Limit your alcohol content to one drink a day and find other methods of relaxing. Stress increases the storage of fat around the abdomen. There are many ways to avoid getting worked up, including exercise and meditation as well writing a journal and talking with friends.

As the Monty Python comedy team used to advise on TV: “Always look on the bright side of life.” Insulite Laboratories is here to help you and we thought you’d like to know that women’s fat cells start to shrink and produce less fat after completion of “the change of life.” Plus, half of women find their thighs actually decrease in size once the transition is over.

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