Are You Starved of Oxygen? Improve Your PCOS Health

Women outside walking and bikingBeing overweight, which is closely linked with PCOS, brings with it the risk of having oxygen-starved fat cells, according to research.

Like all cells, the fat variety need oxygen to function. The more you have and the bigger they are, the more oxygen you need. The trouble is, if you are weighted down by too much fat, the less likely you to be physically active and thus breathe in enough oxygen.

As a result, your fats go into a state of distress called adipose tissue hypoxia or ATH. This condition  produces substances that create heart-damaging inflammation which throws your hormones out of balance. For example, it can result in a condition called “leptin resistance,” which may affect PCOS problems like fertility and appetite control.

There are two things you can to fight back against ATH. Firstly, absorb more oxygen into your body with regular exercise. The more active you are, the more oxygen gets to your fat cells. This is one reason why physical activity and regular exercise is so very important for getting good health results.

Second, you can reduce calories in your diet. Every calorie you consume has to be processed by your body. In order to process that calorie, oxygen is required. The more calories you consume, the more oxygen you need. So if you reduce the caloric load in your diet, you also reduce your oxygen requirements.

But remember that all calories are not created equal and that there are good and bad ones. A bad calorie is one that has little or no nutrition associated with it. For example, soft drinks are all bad calories. Vegetables are all good calories.

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