How Can I Manage My Anxiety Better?

How Can I Manage My Anxiety Better?

Dear Tarryn: Anxiety is a big deal for sure. It can make you feel uneasy all the time. Anxiety usually means that you don’t have enough of your inhibitory neurotransmitters GABA and serotonin to balance out your excitatory neurotransmitters.

One of my good friends and colleagues Trudy Scott wrote a book called The Anti-Anxiety Food Solution that is very good.

You have to begin with food. Eating for hormone balance is critical and especially making sure you get enough protein, because it provides the calming amino acids to build your inhibitory neurotransmitters (brain chemistry).

Getting enough sleep is critical, making sure you move your body every day, and checking your progesterone levels because low levels of progesterone in relation to estrogen can cause anxiety. The DUTCH Complete test (watch the webinar to learn more about why this is so great for testing hormones including adrenal) is a good test to use to check your hormones.

Here are some things to do to raise progesterone naturally:

  • Meditate or simply breathe for 5 minutes every day (choose a 5 minute meditation on your cellphone from YouTube, sit in a quiet place and take some deep belly breaths);
  • Look for ways to reduce stress in your life – stress will cause your progesterone to be used for cortisol your stress hormone, instead.
  •  Give and receive hugs every day. Love your dog.
  • Laugh, sing, dance.
  • Eat balanced, regularly spaced meals.
  • Spend time outside.
  • Love your life anyway.
  • Take Vitex or Chasteberry

Some of my favorite supplements/nutrients for anxiety are GABA Calm, magnesium, vitex, chromium, zinc, glycine, theanine, and taurine.

Just start with one thing Tarryn to see what you notice. Keep a journal so you can better identify the stressors in your life. What’s getting in the way that you can change right now?

You’ve got this! ~ Robin


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