Achieving a Healthy Size for Better PCOS

woman working outA balanced nutritious diet and regular exercise are crucial factors for better management of PCOS symptoms. And pursuing a healthy lifestyle is as important for those of us with weight issues as it is for the many women with PCOS who are lean.

Some simple new habits can make a big difference to how you feel and look. Your sugar intake, for instance, can go right down simply by cutting out sugary sodas. And it’s a good idea to think before you eat so you don’t reach for a fattening snack because you’re bored or feeling lonely. Try going for a short walk, instead.

In fact, we suggest you introduce as much physical activity into your life as possible. Don’t just listen to music – dance to it, either at home or in an aerobics class.

And consider taking up a sport. If you’ve never played tennis before, for example, think about investing in a few lessons. It could pay dividends in terms of fitness and fun.

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