A New PCOS Benefit of Fish Oil?

It’s well-known that omega-3 fish oil can help to improve a number of PCOS-related issues, such as depression, chronic inflammation, heart disease, high blood pressure, high blood fats (triglycerides), diabetes and stress.

But could fish oil also benefit your body shape? A new study from the Department of Health
Sciences at Gettysburg College suggests it might.
Researchers gave one group of women 4gm of fish oil while another group took 4gm of safflower oil. Compared to the safflower oil group, the fish oil group gained lean (muscle) mass while losing significant fat mass.

The fish oil group also tended to have reduced levels of cortisol – a stress hormone that contributes to increased fat, especially around the middle.
The finding was particularly significant for PCOS sufferers because women with polycystic ovarian syndrome often have elevated cortisol levels.

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