7 Habits of Highly Effective Dieters

Have you looked at your calendar lately? Half the year has already gone by! If you’re like me, all the good intentions you had in January as you made resolutions to eat healthily and lose weight have long gone out the window.

But don’t fret. Now that we have reached the halfway mark, we have plenty of time to get back on track. And there’s no need to make resolutions to do so. You just need to follow these 7 habits of highly effective dieters:

1. Track what you eat.

Studies have shown that people who write down what they eat are much more successful in their efforts to lose weight. If you write down what you eat, you are less likely to overeat and are more likely to manage your food intake in a balanced, healthy manner. Writing down what you eat makes you accountable. You cannot hide from the truth of the written word.

2 Reward yourself.

Many dieters feel punished by the lifestyle changes they are trying to make. To help ease the pain, make sure to reward yourself for both big and small changes that you are able to accomplish. Buy a new pair of shoes. Go to the movies. Grab coffee with a friend. By rewarding yourself in this way you are reminding yourself that food is not the reward, but living your life in a positive manner is.

3 Eat natural foods.

Over the past several decades we have seen an increase the number of pre-packaged, processed foods on our grocery store shelves that are high in fat, sodium, and preservatives. Getting back to a more natural diet by incorporating fresh fruits, vegetables, proteins such as fish and chicken, and whole foods will provide your body with the fuel it needs to naturally digest food and convert it into usable energy. Eating naturally is eating healthily.

4. Exercise everyday.

Exercise is a vital component of successful weight loss and maintenance. By exercising everyday, you will burn calories, boost your metabolism, and level out the production of insulin in the pancreas making it easier for your body to convert glucose to energy. People who exercise everyday have a greater chance of breaking the yo-yo dieting cycle because exercise becomes a normal part of their everyday lives. So make sure you choose an exercise plan that is doable for your skill level and one that is also sustainable. No need to train for a marathon, just get out there and move!

5. Practice portion control.

In the age of the supersized meal-deal, people have lost sight of what portions should be in a normal, healthy diet. If you want to take off the weight for good you need to get back to the basics. For example, one serving of chicken or beef should be the size of your palm. And one serving of fruit (one cup or ½ cup depending on the fruit) should be no bigger than the size of tennis ball. This will take a bit of initiative on your part to learn what serving sizes should be. When you do, you’ll understand why you could never lose the weight before â?? the portions you were eating were most likely double or triple that of a normal serving making it impossible drop the weight.

6. Don’t deprive yourself.

While you will need to watch your portions and the types of foods you eat on a daily basis, you also need to indulge in the things you loveâ?¦ at least once in a while. If you don’t, the thought of that favorite food will haunt you until you finally cave and eat the whole pizza pie or finish off the half gallon of ice cream all by yourself. So go ahead and have that slice of pizza or a small scoop of your favorite flavor. Just don’t go overboard and make it a daily habit.

7. Set realistic goals.

Let’s face it. If you are currently a size 24 it is not realistic to think that you will be a size 4 in two months’ time, six months’ time or even 10 months’ time. If you are going to take off the weight in a healthy way then you are going to have to set realistic goals that are achievable in a realistic time-frame. If you don’t, you may feel a little defeated a few weeks into your new diet program and fall off the wagon again.

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