5 For This Week: Healthful, Unique Dietary Patterns Help Prevent, Treat Insulin Resistance

healio.com / Healio When it comes to treating insulin resistance and PCOS the type of diet we eat is crucial to overcoming these conditions. Also, getting your hunger and cravings under control are important components of using food as medicine. Fiber plays a key role in beating cravings and keeping you feeling full …. Read more

8 Ways To Make Your Period Less Miserable, According To Experts

8 Ways To Make Your Period Less Miserable, According To Experts

bustle.com / Carina Wolff Are you always dreading that time of the month because of the pain? These 8 tips will help you relieve the pain during your cycle…. Read more

How thyroid gland affects your hair

How Thyroid Gland Affects Your Hair

newsday.co.tt / Dr Germaine Williams-Beckles Hair loss in women could be caused by a number of factors including high testosterone and low thyroid function. Hormonal conditions like PCOS and Hypothyroidism are usually the two main reasons for female hair loss…. Read more

Stay Young: Vitamin D Could Slow Aging, Prevent Disease

Stay Young: Vitamin D Could Slow Aging, Prevent Disease

medicaldaily.com / Elana Glowatz Vitamin D plays a key role in bone health, preventing disease, depression, and so much more. Since women with PCOS are more likely to develop depression it is important to get your vitamin D levels checked and supplement accordingly for optimal health…. Read more

Protein in wheat could exacerbate chronic health conditions

Protein In Wheat Could Exacerbate Chronic Health Conditions

inews.co.uk / Will Worley A gluten free, wheat free diet is recommend to anyone to lower inflammation, but it is especially important for women with PCOS. According to this article wheat has been shown to worsen conditions such as asthma and multiple sclerosis…. Read more

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